Dr. Joonie understands that you (as parents/caregivers/guardians) have very important decisions to make regarding your child’s wellbeing. She is also aware that you may have questions regarding certain vaccines and would like for you to bring any questions/concerns that you have regarding immunizations, including:

  1. The immunization process and how they work within our immune system
  2. The components of the vaccines and why each is important
  3. The disease/complication that each vaccine protects against

She also understands that might want to ask questions before deciding on vaccinating your child/ren. For this reason, no child will be denied access to healthcare due to the parents/their decision not to vaccinate.

Dr. Joonie recommends following the CDC schedule for immunization as detailed below:

For Vaccine Exemptions:

There are provided by the local health department:

Follow this link to find the closest one nearest you: http://www.floridahealth.gov/all-county-locations.html