Let’s face it – when there is a kiddo sick at home – it indirectly/directly affects the whole household.

And who wants to take an ill child to the office? Most of the time, they do not want to leave their bed, let alone the house. And you, the caregiver, are tired, too.

Let Dr. Joonie come to your house – no need to drive anywhere!

She can see/treat:


Common Colds



Sore throats

Ear Pain

Pink Eye


Tummy Aches

Throwing Up



Minor injuries

Urinary tract infections

Skin rashes/infections

and more!

Return to daycare/school forms will also be provided or faxed directly to the facility of choice once the child completes treatment or is determined to be not contagious.

Each child seen will receive a “icky sicky bag” at the end of their visit which includes an array of feel better trinkets to help put a smile on their face!