Dr. Joonie recommends Happy & Healthy checks scheduled at each of the following milestones to monitor growth and development and make recommendations based on each child’s and family’s individual health status. Each visit will include all vital measurements, including length/height, weight, head circumference (under 3 years), blood pressures (3 years and up), Body Mass Index (BMI) and percentage, a complete physical examination, education about preventative care and what to expect moving forward, immunization updates, and more!

Prenatal “Connect”:

Newborn Visit (3-5 Days):

2 Week Visit:

1 Month Visit:

2 Month Visit:

4 Month Visit:

6 Month Visit:

9 Month Visit:

12 Month Visit:

15 Month Visit:

18 Month Visit:

24 Month (2 Year) Visit:

30 Month (2.5 Year) Visit:

3 Year Visit:

4 Year Visit:

5 Year Visit:

6 Year Visit:

7-8 Year Visit:

9-10 Year Visit:

11-14 Year Visit:

15-17 Year Visit:

18 Year Visit: